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DinoPlusAI Received an Award from CIOReview in the "Most Promising AI Solution Providers 2020"

  Dec 14, 2020

DinoPlusAI, a leading real-time edge computing AI platform provider, received an award from CIOReview in the "Most Promising AI Solution Providers 2020".

"We are honored to be featured on the Cover Story of CIOReview in the Most Promising AI Solution Providers 2020," said Jay Hu, founder and CEO of DinoPlusAI Inc.

DinoPlusAI brings a unique AI platform—DinoEdge—that ensures real-time outcomes and empowers latency-sensitive applications across industries. "In need of a latency sensitive application, one needs to process data in the right moment at the right place. With on-premise and on the edge-cloud, that's what DinoPlusAI focuses on," explains Jay Hu, CEO of DinoPlusAI Inc. How data is transmitted and processed plays a significant role in increasing latency. Hence, the team at DinoPlusAI identifies and assesses the data flow and helps reduce latency, making changes to data transmission and processing as needed. This capability makes DinoPlusAI's solution ideal for three huge market segments—smart industry, smart retail, and smart city. 

DinoPlusAI Announces Availability of FPGA-Based DinoEdge AI Platform for Health & Safety Monitoring Solutions 

  Jul 23, 2020

DinoPlusAI, a leading real-time edge computing AI platform provider, today announced the launch of FPGA-based DinoEdge AI platform for Health & Safety Monitoring Solutions to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

DinoEdge AI platform Leverages FlextyX, an FPGA AI Inference Accelerator based on Xilinx Alveo U50 and U280 cards. The FlextyX supports a large variety of AI models, such as convolutional neural networks (CNN), and recurrent neural networks (RNN), in particular long short-term memory (LSTM). It supports different AI applications, such as video analytics and speech recognition. The platform features an open full-stack for AI (OSA), including a powerful AI inference engine hardware, driver, API, compiler and optimization tools (AutoML, sparsity and low-bit quantization), support for open source frameworks.


CEO Jay Hu Presented The Platform for the Future Computing @ SVIEF Conference (Aug 7th, 2019). Jay shared his vision of    

  • Advancement of communication and computation technology feed each other, to power future computing and new applications.
  • 5G powered edge computing and new breed of virtual processing units that offload management functions from CPU with domain specific acceleration will change the communication and computation paradigm, with multiple magnitude improvement on performance and latency.

Mr. Patrick Ang Joins DinoPlusAI  August 27, 2019

DinoPlusAI Inc. today is excited to announce that Mr. Patrick Ang has joined full time and will serve as VP of business development.

Patrick is a a serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive in the semiconductor industry. He has over 30 years semiconductor experience in both startup and large corporations. Patrick has raised over $30M in previous funding rounds, co-founded four startups all with successful exit. He has held senior management roles in public listed companies including EVP at OPTi, VP at Creative Technology and COO at ESS Technology.seasoned. Please see the news release for more details.


Dr. Sam Heidari Joins DinoPlusAI  August 2, 2019

DinoPlusAI Inc. today is excited to announce that Dr. Sam Heidari has joined its Board of Directors and will serve as the Executive Chairman.

Dr. Heidari is a seasoned technology executive. Recently, he was the Chairman of the board and CEO of Quantenna Communications in which he drove the organization in developing the most advanced Wi-Fi hardware and software solutions to date. Dr. Heidari led Quantenna's successful IPO in 2016 and its subsequent acquisition in 2019.  Please see the news release for more details.

Latency Optimized AI Processor for the 5G-enabled Network Edge

    June 21, 2019, by Dawn Xie & Jay Hu

AI applications require close to real-time responsiveness. 5G-enabled network edge, which resolves both network latency via URLLC and compute latency by using a new breed of latency optimized processors, will power a new generation of latency sensitive applications through the network edge. Welcome to read new white paper on latency optimized AI processor for 5G-enabled network edge.

CEO Jay Hu Spoke @ DAC 2019   June 3, 2019

DinoPlusAI CEO Jay Hu spoke as a panelist in the "Power Efficient IPs for AI" panel in DAC 2019. DAC is the premier conference devoted to the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and intellectual property (IP). Hot topics like Near-Memory Computing, CNN, PPA Optimization, scalability/ flexibility/ Efficiency & Security/privacy was discussed. Other members in the panel include Aditya Mukherjee, Steve Brightfield, Mike Li & Chris Shore. The panel was moderated by Richard Nass, and chaired by Farzad Zarrinfar.

DinoPlusAI Announces its Latency Optimized AI Chipset    May 16, 2019 

DinoPlusAI founder and CEO Jay Hu announced the industry’s first latency optimized AI processor, Trex, during the Alchemist Accelerator Demo Day on May 16, 2019 in Menlo Park, CA. This AI processor is designed ground up to significantly reduce AI inferencing latency for many AI applications, including image recognition, speech recognition and synthesizing.  Dr. Yi Rao from Rokid, a firm specialized in speech recognition using machine learning,  also expressed excitement of the performance that DinoPlusAI chipsets provide in the video.


DinoPlusAI won 3rd place in  International Competition        March 31, 2019

DinoPlusAI was chosen from 200+ Silicon Valley startups to participate in 2019 China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition (Silicon Valley Division), hosted by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation Entrepreneurship Forum) on March 31, 2019 in Santa Clara, California.  Among the 20 participating teams, DinoPlusAI was awarded the 3rd place. See here for CEO Jay Hu's Presentation.


DinoPlusAI Announces Partnership with SiFive     Feb 25, 2019 

DinoPlusAI, an innovator in AI processors and software for high performance mission-critical applications, announces to partner with SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor core IP, design platforms and silicon solutions, to develop its mission-critical AI processor platform, which is optimized for ultra-low latency applications, such as data centers, 5G/edge cloud and autonomous vehicles. View here for more details.